Mix and Master your song for $150

In Mixing By Ruben Monteiro

Mix and Master your song for $150

I will mix and master your song trying to match your taste and musical genre.
I've been working in music production for more than 10 years constantly and daily, worldwide such as all Europe, U.S.A., all Middle East and Asia.
I've produced more than 16 albums and uncountable tracks from World Music, Metal, Rock, Orchestral, Electronic to Sound tracks.
I work in my professional studio West Wave Studio in Portugal with a pair of Tannoy reveal active monitors, second reference monitor pair M-Audio 5BXA, X-32 Behringer digital mixer, X-Touch Controller, Behringer Monitor Controller 2USB, TASCAM 16x08 analog/digital converter, Mackie VLZ-PRO mixer and preamps operated on Mac with Logic Pro X.
This service includes one track with 3 revisions.

  • Hard Rock
  • Prog rock
  • Folk
  • Pop-Rock
  • Singer-Songwriter

The Walk

Jimmy Joe Casper
  • The Walk
  • Shame Room
  • Guitarentine
  • Günes

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