Radio-Ready Mixes - FREE Master for $150

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Radio-Ready Mixes - FREE Master for $150

I will take your multi-tracked session and turn it into radio-ready music. If you have files recorded from multiple sources, a full band recording, or anything that requires professional mixing, then I can help you get your music to that industry standard.

You can rest assured that your music is in experienced hands. I've produced many tracks over the years and approach each one with the same mindset - How can I make this sound the best it possibly can? If you need examples of my work, I'm happy to share them with you.

Your input matters! I'll keep you in the loop so there won't be any surprises!

I love making music and helping others get their music to the next level (whatever that may be). I've spent years working on my craft. Every project deserves my complete focus. Your music deserves nothing else but my absolute best.

Want a sample? No problem! Select the sample option and we can select a section of your song for me to sample mix.

What I can't do:
- I can't take a bad recording and make it sound great
- I can't take a bad performance and make it sound great
- I can't take tracks with lots of noise and make them sound perfect.

  • Pop
  • Funk
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • R&B
  • Jazz

Wannabe_Before Mix

Before Mix
  • Wannabe_Before Mix
  • Wannabe_After Mix
  • Synthwave_Before Mix
  • Synthwave_After Mix
  • I Want You Back_Before Mix
  • I Want You Back_After Mix
  • You Belong With Me (Original) - R&B
  • You Belong With Me (Original) - R&B
  • 11B (Original) Smooth Jazz
  • 11B (Original) Smooth Jazz

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