Mix, Master, and Vocal Pitch Correction, for.... for $95

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Mix, Master, and Vocal Pitch Correction, for.... for $95

Attn: Musicians OR Studios
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With over 178 Reviews, a Five Star Rating, and a 100% success rate for all our custom services, I.T.B. Audio Solutions will Mix and Master a song containing up to 32 individual tracks for $95. Check out our profile page to see reviews on all our services!
This will include addressing each track and the master mix by applying the necessary EQ, Compression, Delay, Reverb, and other audio processing plug-ins to make your mix the Best IT CAN BE!!Once the mix is complete, I will Master the mix to sweeten the sound and make it YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, ReverbNation, iTunes, and radio ready! You will not be disappointed. I allow for 2 revisions to address any customer's concerns, if any.
TOTAL NUMBER OF TRACKS: Total number of tracks cannot exceed 32 tracks for this price. For projects that contain more than 32 tracks, there is an additional charge of $2.50 for each additional track. I allow 6 days for completion for two reasons:
1) I am extremely finicky and like to revisit a mix multiple times with "fresh" ears, before calling it done
2) To allow enough time to work with the client on revisions, if
PLEASE NOTE THOUGH....In most cases I deliver in a shorter period of time...the 6 days would be the MAXIMUM period of time due to delay in customer approvals, multiple revisions, etc.
SEE ALL MY REVIEWS on my Profile page @ https://www.airgigs.com/user/ItbAudio
Send files via: Air Gigs, One Drive, Google Drive
I have a solid track record with over 20 years of experience and know that a quality product will be delivered that meets your needs. I work "with" my customers to achieve the results they desire....it's always about my customers and the music.

IF YOU ARE A STUDIO, this gig will help take the pressure off your current workload if it is too heavy. In addition, in the majority of cases, this gig will allow you to reduce your costs by hiring me to do your mixing and mastering since my rates are so reasonable! I can also deliver "rush" jobs if needed...and make you my only customer until work is delivered... STUDIOs...reduce your costs...increase your profits!

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