LOCKDOWN MIXDOWN Modern and Massive Mix and Master for $150

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LOCKDOWN MIXDOWN Modern and Massive Mix and Master for $150

A quick turn around on a rough mix, and if you're not into it, your money back! If you are, unlimited revisions! BOOM!

A lot of artists these days are saving money recording themselves, and this is super exciting! Being able to take your time adding all your passion and heart into your music! BUT! When it comes to the mix, they often lack depth, clarity or PUNCH! I know the feeling.

So I've built my entire business around helping passionate artists turn their DIY Recordings into Professional quality mixes :D

After recording demos for the likes of Florence and the Machine in my infancy, I entered the world of live sound working with the likes of Will Young, Kylie Minogue, 2 Door Cinema club and have spent the last 5 years mixing Rag n Bone Man both Live and in the studio.

I Consider myself a modern-style mixer. Liking big sounding mixes with wide a stereo image. A landscape of sound shall we say!

Reference mixes are encouraged as I know explaining what you're looking for can be difficult.

I mix into a preferred mastering chain, meaning, you get a FREE MASTER! I will then bounce different versions at various loudnesses to accommodate for the streaming services and media you desire.

Drum replacement/sampling, vocal tuning, editing & cleaning up should ideally all be completed prior to sending your files, These services can be facilitated though for the small price of a little chat about your needs ;)

If you like what you hear, and you would like me to beef up your record, get in touch and tell us a bit about your next project.

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