Studio quality vocal tuning and editing for $150

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Studio quality vocal tuning and editing for $150

I religiously believe in the accuracy of any service I offer to my clients. Unlike many I-DO-IT-ALL producers who have limited time/budget to approach the craft of vocal tuning seriously enough, I invest all the time that a project really REQUIRES to be winning, regardless of the money involved

• All my offers include: Unlimited Revisions & Fast Turnaround

My name is Gianluca Magalotti and I am a loyal music professional at the service of art. I will make all your vocals sound exactly in tune and yet still preserve their 100% human character, unlike what the automatic pitch-correction tools do

15+ years of studying, recording and performing. Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Berklee College of Music. Recorded in Nashville for international artists and toured in USA, EU and Asia. Interned as Vocal Tuning Engineer for Grammy Award-winning label LV Music

• Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Melodyne 5, RME Babyface Pro

Please reach out and let's talk about your project before you place any order!

  • Pop
  • Neo soul
  • Country
  • Funk
  • Rock
  • R&B

For by Micah & Julia

Tuned all Lead Vocals and BGV
  • For by Micah & Julia

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