Radio Ready Vocal Mixing and Master 24hr Turnaround for $50

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Radio Ready Vocal Mixing and Master 24hr Turnaround for $50

What's up family!? I'm Marti McFli producer, artist & songwriter with 5+ years of experience mixing and mastering.

24hr delivery time from receipt of dry tracks and instrumental!!

I will mix and master your vocals up to 5 tracks + instrumental. If you have more tracks than this please message me for custom gig pricing. Using plugins from UAD Izotope, Waves, Slate Digital, Sonible, and T Racks 5 to create the best sounding mix you've ever heard. Your vocals will be processed from top to bottom with Cleanup (breaths, noises), Tuning, EQ, Compression, Saturation, Modulation (flanger, phaser, chorus), Spatial Effects(reverb and delay) and Automation to make the track jump out of the speakers.

I use Studio One, FL Studio and Logic Pro X to mix and master as well as the standalone Ozone 9 and T-Racks 5 mastering suites.

I look forward to beginning new relationships and creating hits with you!

If you have any further questions feel free to message me.

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Male Rap/R&B Vocal

River Road - Lex Lyon & Jimmy Vo
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