Killer Mixes Introductory Pricing for $85

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Killer Mixes Introductory Pricing for $85

I'm new to Air Gigs and so I'm offering these services at this price for a limited time!

Be sure to check out my portfolio on the Soundcloud tab! If you'd like to hear what these songs sounded like before I mixed them send me a message.

What You'll Get:
• Your song brought to life in a well-balanced mix
• Free Master Included
• Loudness optimized for Streaming Services
• Masterful use of saturation
• Creative use of FX and Automation
• Fast turnaround

I am NOT worried about revisions or track counts--my goal is to help you sculpt your song into what it's meant to be.

* I am happy to provide a non-mastered copy as well.


I am an audio-engineer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter with over 15 years of experience recording and performing. I love meeting new artists and helping them develop their sound. I've worked on numerous projects ranging from Indie-rock, Metal, Screamo, Synthwave, and Progressive Rock.

These days, I mostly mix ITB and have a huge array for plugins at my disposal. Some of my favorites are Waves SSL G-Comp, Klanghelm MJUC & SDRR, Brainworx E-Channel Strip (I have the Waves too!), Trash 2, MAutoDynamicEQ, Melodyne 5, and Kontakt. I also have a number of saturation plugins to fill out/glue the sound of various instruments.

  • Prog rock
  • Punk
  • Pop
  • Hard Rock
  • Hip Hop
  • Rock
  • Metal

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