Professionaly Mixing and Mastering service for you! for $75

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Professionaly Mixing and Mastering service for you! for $75

Hi! I am Marco Ceciliato, producer and sound engineer.

Professional summary:
Numerous work experiences as musician, producer, composer, beat-maker, mixing and master engineer with Italian and foreign artists.
Experience in a recording studio with Tommy Vicari (internationally recognized mixing engineer). Effective collaborator and able to contribute to group projects. Strong organizational. I will put all my experience in work on your song and if you have particular tastes you can signal me and I will implement your tastes in mixes and masters. Reference tracks are always helpful! If there is an artist you like, send me some songs.


Sound editing ( Cleaning all the background noises, breathes, static noises....)
- Levelling and Gain Staging
- EQ processing.
- Compression.
- Vocal processing and tuning (Autotune, Melodyne, Waves Tune).
- Creating depth.
- Stereo image enhancement.
- Mastering the stereo track (after finishing the Mix)

I provide you top Quality WAV and MP3 file of the final Master.
I work with Logic Pro X and Ableton Live 10.


Price and options:
1) Basic: 17,50 $
Mixing and mastering up to 10 tracks/Stems.
(2 Days Delivery - 1 Revision) - (1 Day Delivery +5 $)

2)Standard: 29,50 $
Mixing and mastering up to 16 tracks/Stems.
(3 Days Delivery - 2 Revisions) - (2 Day Delivery +5 $)

3)Premium: 75 $
Mixing and mastering to Unlimited tracks/Stems.
(5 Days Delivery - 3 Revisions) - (2 Day Delivery +10 $)

For any particular request please contact me.

Let's make something great!

Demo rock

  • Demo rock
  • Ceci - Happy
  • Rest at Sea - Swim

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