Mixing for $125

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Mixing for $125

I have a home studio setup running a Mac Pro, Logic Pro X, Waves, Softube, and Izotope are some of my go to plugins. This service is for songs that have 50 or less tracks. I can do as many as 4 mix revisions. My goal with each song that I mix is capturing the true heart of the artist and producer for the song. Each element is important and my job is to allow each part of the production to sit in it's proper place to paint a picture for the listener.

Make sure to listen to the audio samples and watch the Youtube video. All 3 song's mixed by me using my current setup and plugins.

  • Blues
  • Country
  • Pop
  • Pop-Rock
  • Folk
  • Ambient

In the Middle of It

Artist: Render the Hearts
  • In the Middle of It
  • Transient Romantic

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