Hybrid analog & digital Mixing - full day per song for $300

In Mixing 100% Guarantee By Jeremy Anderson

Hybrid analog & digital Mixing - full day per song for $300

Using an acoustically treated room and 32 channel analog console, your tracks will be organized sweetened and balanced, returning to you a product that will translate across home stereo, car, ear buds and any other playback system.

Analog summing is used to provide the depth and space that pure digital mixes gets blamed for lacking. Hardware compression and EQ is used to balance and blend your tracks into a cohesive song that becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

Typically, song deserve 4-10 hours of mixing to help them blend musically and help those mixes translate to a variety of playback systems. This daily option allows the freedom to work for a 10 hour day on your music getting it to sound its best!

Two recalls are allowed for minor changes. Initial communication is key in me understanding your vision for the songs and delivering exactly that.

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