Audio Repair and Restoration with Free Revisions for $35

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Audio Repair and Restoration with Free Revisions for $35


I'm Greg. I have experience in successfully working with clients that give me rough recordings that need polish or repairs in order to sound studio-ready. I'm a great communicator and I work efficiently to get your work back to you with high quality. I will tell you with high confidence if your audio can be repaired or not.

What I Will Do For You:

For $35 for up to 5 minutes of audio, I will provide the following enhancements to your audio file as it requires:

- Noise Reduction
- Spectral Repair
- Removal/Reduction of Clicks, Crackle, Pops, Plosives, Mouth Clicks and Sibliance (De-ess)
- De-clip Audio Recorded Too Loudly
- De-crackle Audio Files Converted from LPs or Cassette Tapes
- Rebalance Audio or Music to Raise or Lower Gain of Voice, Bass, Percussion/Drums, Other
- De-Reverb
- Balanced Equalization using Artificial Intelligence Algorithms or Hardware EQ
- Make the Volume of Each Word Consistent with Upward or Downward Compression
- Add Detail, Clarity, Density and Loudness to Dull or Muddy Recordings
- Edit Unwanted Human Errors
- Remove Unwanted Ambient Noises (Bird Chirps, Ambulance Siren, Chair Squeak)

Please contact me for custom repair requests. No job is too small or big.

Vocal with click bleed - before and after

Click bleed repair
  • Vocal with click bleed - before and after

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