Full Song Mix - Unlimited Revisions for $100

In Mixing By Daniel Tinkler

Full Song Mix - Unlimited Revisions for $100

This is for an edit and mix of one full song! I am an engineer based in Chicago with 9+ years of studio experience and an MA in Sound from Northwestern University. My focus lies in recording and mixing and I have worked with artists such as The Falcon, Masked Intruder, Brendan Kelly & the Wandering Birds, and The Reaganomics. I run a hybrid mixing setup based around Pro Tools. I believe in great communication and want to make sure that you are totally satisfied. There's nothing worse than having a finished mix and then thinking "I like it but I wish I would've fixed this.." No more of that! We'll get it right and make sure you have the best sounding mix possible. Please have your tracks edited to your liking and consolidated before submitting. I'm happy to do vocal tuning as necessary as well. I do not have a track or time cutoff, within reason. If your song is 15 minutes long and has 100 tracks, then a higher mixing rate can be negotiated. Please feel free to ask any questions. Let's get mixing!

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The Reaganomics - Worth a Damn

Recorded, Edited, Mixed
  • The Reaganomics - Worth a Damn
  • Brendan Kelly & the Wandering Birds - Shitty Margarita

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