Radio Ready Mixes With An Award Winning Engineer for $200

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Radio Ready Mixes With An Award Winning Engineer for $200

***Now offering $1 Mix Demos ****

I'll provide a 30 second clip of your song mixed by me for one American buck (this is the lowest they would let me charge!) No obligation, no strings. You can choose the section you want to hear or I'll pick! This lets you hear exactly what I'll do with your song(s) before you decide to work together!!! Know what to expect, no guess-work involved. (Note: this sample does not include revisions and demonstrates how I would approach the mix on the first run-through).

I am a professional mix engineer with over 17 years of experience in the field. Specializing in Rock, Country, Pop and Contemporary Christian genres. I'd consider it a privilege to work on your next project!

I've worked with some of the most talented musicians on the planet, known and unknown. From every genre, including Jimmie Allen, John Marlin (Granger Smith), Kyle Whalum (Kelly Clarkson), Hubert Payne (Little Big Town), Clint Wells (Matthew Mayfield), Brandon Autry (Chase Rice), Andy Gibson (Tanya Tucker), Chad Melchert (Gord Bamford) and many more. During those sessions, it was only about one thing - the song.

I'm ready to help you take your mix to the next level. Reviews are one thing, but actually working together rather than being told what your song should sound like is not my job. It's your song, tell me what you wanna hear and we'll make it happen! If you'd rather me take hold of the reins, I can do that as well!

Music takes time to perfect, and I want you to listen two years from now and say, "That's the best mix I've ever had, hands down!". This covers a professional mix in 24-bit WAV format, minor track tuning/timing adjustments, drum trigger replacement, analog and plugin processing.

IMPORTANT!! - If you would like me to master your song as well, please let me know up front! Otherwise, I will deliver your song as a 24 bit file, ready for the engineer.

The bottom line - I know what I'm doing and do it for a living. With the right mix, you can triple your sales and radio play. I believe that a professional engineer who is going to help your song connect with the listener shouldn't just be available to artists with a budget of $500 a song. Mixing in a studio is big money.

Check out my 5 Star Reviews and previous work via Soundcloud, then shoot me a message - we'll work together to deliver you the best mix imaginable.

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