From a very young age, I was fascinated with recording and making my little basement set up in my parent's house sound like the real deal. I remember reading articles about all this expensive gear, so I decided to buy into that philosophy and make a few big purchases. After a few weeks of frustration, I came to the realization that having expensive gear doesn't give you great sounding records. Amazing songs, versatile musicians, and the ability to listen to all of that and somehow make sense of it all is key.

Fast forward 15 years....

I've worked with some of the most talented musicians on the planet, known and unknown. From every genre, including John Marlin (Granger Smith), Kyle Whalum (Kelly Clarkson), Hubert Payne (Little Big Town), Clint Wells (Matthew Mayfield), Brandon Autry (Chase Rice), Andy Gibson (Tanya Tucker) and many more. During those sessions, it was only about one thing - the song.

I'm ready to help you take your mix to the next level. Reviews are one thing, but actually working together rather than being told what your song should sound like is not my job. It's your song, tell me what you wanna hear and we'll make it happen!