Mixing and Mastering Pack for $100

In Mixing 100% Guarantee By UrBDGT Productions

Mixing and Mastering Pack for $100

Ur BDGT Productions , Pro Audio Mixing & Mastering made affordable

Hi and Welcome to “ Ur BDGT Productions " , My name's Gregory , we are with my Partner Brad CEOs , founders and operators here in Ur BDGT.

We offer Professional Audio Mixing and Mastering services , on a very accessible budget .
Whatever you're an established or new Artist , Music Producer or Music Label , we'll help you to get the best sounding mix and master , all with rates that everyone can afford .

To be able to see what we can do with your work , please feel free to contact us , with your audio files and the full explanation of your expectations and goals , and we'll make a free demo for you .

We're looking forward to collaborate with you
Best and Musically
Gregory , Brad , UrBDGT Productions

UrBDGT Prod _ HipHop Rock Demo

Composed , Mixed and Mastered here
  • UrBDGT Prod _ HipHop Rock Demo

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