Professional Mixing and Editing of your pre recorded Song or live performance for $200

In Mixing 100% Guarantee By Tom Perry

Professional Mixing and Editing of your pre recorded Song or live performance for $200

I provide professional mixing of your pre recorded Multitracks.
You’ll receive a high resolution wave file ready for mastering .
100% satisfaction guaranteed or you get a full refund.

About me:
I'm an experienced professional recording engineer and music producer based near Vienna / Austria where I also own my own recording studio named StudioCarbon which is specialized on music production. I have over 15 years of studio expertise and hold a university diploma in audio engineering as well as a masters degree in general popular music. As songwriter and multi-instumentalist I can also offer views from different perspectives.

My mixing Philosophy:
When I start a fresh mix I first try to understand what the natural sound of the band is and how I can emphasize their strengths to make them sound unique and exciting. I use lot’s of compression techniques to put the vocalist into the front and make the drums rock the track. I want the mix transition perfectly between different listening environments, speakers and sound systems and put a lot of effort into mono compatibility. Also I prefer to build realistic soundscapes that enable the listener to localize and hear every element of the mix. Generally I will always prefer to keep the band sounding unique rather than make them sound like someone else. (The exception of course is if the artist explicit wants this).

Gear I use primarily for mixing:
DAW Logic Pro
Motu AVB interfaces.
Primary monitors: KS-Digital C8
Secondary monitors: Yamaha NS-10
Only top of the analogue emulation plugins as well as all pro standard plugins like Melodyne, Waves, Softube, Izotope,…
Outboard: SSL Sum comp, Focusrite ISA Preamps, Lexicon Reverb

  • Hard Rock
  • Pop-Rock
  • Rock
  • Prog rock
  • Punk

Demo Reel

This is a compilation of some of our sroductions
  • Demo Reel

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