Vocal Tuning & Editing Pitch and Tempo correction for $49

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Vocal Tuning & Editing Pitch and Tempo correction for $49

This listing is for vocal tuning (Pitch correction) and Editing (Tempo/Alignment correction)

Simply provide me with your individual mono vocal track file .WAV or .AIFF format, along with the music background track. The edited file will be returned to you at the same bit depth and sample rate that you provided. So, just import the edited file to your DAW and you're ready for Mix.

I have a professional dedicated Protools HD workstation for editing with Melodyne and Auto-Tune. Sometimes, depending on the source material, I can get better results using one or another.

This service is sold per song.

Subject to an addicional $25 per song.
Songs over 7 minutes
More than two takes (Max. 8 takes): If you have recorded more than two takes and need vocal comping editing, I can make it, cuting and pasting the best bits onto a 'master' track to create the finished vocal comp.

Get in touch. Tell me about your project.

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