Pro Tools Mixing with Analog Summing 1 song for $350

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Pro Tools Mixing with Analog Summing 1 song for $350

BS in Music Recording from University of Southern California, Thornton School of Music.

--Over 15 Years in the recording business, from analog 2" multi-track to the latest Pro tools system.

-As a former staff 1st engineer for 14 years, I have recorded, mixed and mastered over 10, 000 songs. From rock, jazz, orchestral to pop, R & B, dance, and reggae.

Recently mixed debut independent albums by Bossa Zuzu, Alex Kerckhoff and Capital. Also mixed and mastered el_der remix of Capital's 'Miracle Woman'.

Power: My studio is fueled by regulated, power factor corrected, BALANCED power. This translates to increased dynamics, image, and depth to my mixes.

Summing: Custom analog console with discrete 690 amp blocks, transformer balanced. ( Inward Connections)

Outboard: API, Summit Audio, Pultec, 1176, LA2A, dbx, Demeter.

DAW: Protools 10 with Apogee Symphony system

Plugins: Soundtoys, Waves, PSP, Altiverb, Massey, Brainworx

My Process: I mix in Protools. I use my console for summing the discrete outputs ( up to 32). Sometimes I use outboard in the mix, other times I keep it all in the box, depends on what's necessary for the song.

I mix and process at 88.2kHz, 32 bit.

I can deliver the mix at any sample rate or bit depth you require.

I mix on my own time, get the mix the best it can be per your detailed notes and sonic references.

Deliveries include, Full HD resolution, Client desired resolution, and itunes plus encoded m4a:

1 final full mix
1 final instrumental mix ( assuming vocals on full)
Mix Stems

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