Kent started his career in the music business leading an original rock band through the Bay Area music scene in the early nineties. Inspired by the experience of recording and producing his band in a professional studio, he left the Bay Area for LA to pursue a career in the recording industry. With a BS in music recording from the University Of Southern California in 2000, Kent started his own freelance recording business, Blue Ribbon and became employed as a staff engineer at Admusic, a busy production house doing original music for broadcast TV, radio commercials, prime time sitcom and reality shows. When Admusic morphed into Emoto music in 2005, Kent became chief recording engineer at the Santa Monica facility. With his experiences at Blue Ribbon and Emoto, Kent has recorded, mixed and mastered over 10,000 songs. In 2011, Kent left Emoto to focus on Blue Ribbon Studios full time. Now featuring 5.1 mix room at Blue Ribbon.