Audio Mixing for $50

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Audio Mixing for $50

I have a nice home studio with multiple DAWs, including Pro Tools, Ableton, and Logic. I have the Waves plugin bundle, autotune, hardware emulation plugins, Melda Audio, UA, as well as analog mixing and mastering gear. I have mostly done classical music, folk, and jazz, but I can absolutely do any genre needed. Talk to me about your project, and I will work with you very closely to make sure you get a result that you like. I will send you as many tries as needed to get a polished, professional result.

Additionally, I can add background vocals, synth, and drums to your track for an extra charge if you would like.

I have mixed for myself, as well as several local artists in the Kansas City area. I took 2 years of Audio Recording classes at UMKC and I have my own studio.

Jazz Title Sequence

  • Jazz Title Sequence
  • Just Say Yes
  • Your Majesty
  • All Around
  • You Are With Me
  • Water and Wind

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