Pro Mixing/Mastering (Major Label Credits) for $250

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Pro Mixing/Mastering (Major Label Credits) for $250


My name is Micah and my career started over 17 years ago at The Hit Factory Miami. I was blessed to work around the worlds most talented musicians and engineers. From there, I moved to Los Angles to work at Capitol Records Studios and Eargasm Studios in Santa Monica. I've been working in a professional Studio environment everyday for the past 17 years. Over the course of my career Ive had several diverse Major Label Credits and had the wonderful opportunity to work around a Grammy project and several top mixing engineers (Missy Elliot, Godsmack, Tokio Hotel, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, Leann Rimes, Chris Tin, Jimmy Douglas, Al Schmitt, Justin Niebank). I've recently started my own Company called Audio Artists where I'll be focusing on my passion of mixing. I have invested in some pretty amazing tools to help me produce the highest quality mixes. I also have full access to a SSL 4000 Analog Console. I use Focal SM9's and NS10's to Monitor with, I have several out-board pieces I use on every mix including a Blue Stripe 1176, LA2A, Pultec EQs(pr), SSL 4000 Stereo Bus Compressor, Distressor, SPX90, Dangerous Summing, Moog Filter, Antelope Master Clock) I also use some of the greatest hardware emulations as well( Fairchild 670, EMT 140, EMT 250, Lexicon 224, Studer A800, Ampex ATR-102, Roland Space Echo, Harrison EQ, Ocean Way, API, Neve 1073).

Some of my specialties include Vocal Tuning and Drum Replacement (w/ phase accuracy) and Mastering.


Honestly, one of my most important goals is to make sure the artist's vision is conveyed in every mix. I also feel establishing long term relationships is key to a successful mixer.

What you get with my service: - 3 revision note sessions - Basic Mastering - Master Mix 24bit 44k Wav - Instrumental Mix 24bit 44. Master Mix high quality MP3, Stems, 1 Alt Mix (example: drums down, vocal up mix)


Mixing Examples (ALL Genres)

  • Mixing Examples (ALL Genres)

5 Reviews

  1. Review By: 3tmgtalent Sep 17, 2017

    First I would like to say I've been producing and executive producing projects for over 15 years. I can easily identify what average and what quality sounds like. What I received was nothing less than quality! My experience with Micah was very professional, very easy and great communication. The attention to detail and ease made the job easy. I had a few changes to the record and it was done to my liking in a very timely manner. I would recommend Micah and would use his service again!

  2. Review By: andrewblaylock Dec 1, 2015

    Another track completed to perfection. Nothing but 5 star performances from this masterful audio engineer. He took my home studio tracks and made them sound like they were recorded in the high-dollar studios all while having the patience to complete my most minute requests. Highly Recommended.

  3. Review By: andrewblaylock Nov 20, 2015

    This guy is way above average. If you want some bang for your $$$, look no further. He took my project to the next level that it needed.

    He also works very fast which is often rare with online gigging. I highly recommend this gig to all levels of musicians and artists.

  4. Review By: antivano Aug 23, 2015

    Very fast, professional and creative. The guy gives a big surplus value to your project!

  5. Review By: happymealcheeka Jan 21, 2015

    Great Seller!!