Micah Johnson

"Some people have a keen eye for perfection, but for award-winning sound guy, Micah Johnson, it is his ears that have earned him respect. An acute sense of hearing paired with a creative mind for problem solving are just two of the many dominating traits for this sound engineer." --------- Staff Writer of IPR

Awards inc:

1. 2003 Missy Elliot “Under Construction” 2x Platinum (general assistant)
2. 2002 Godsmack “Faceless” 1x Platinum (general assistant)
3. 2009 Tokio Hotel “Humanoid” 1x Platinum (Engineer Drums/Vocals)
4. 2013 Demi Lovato “Neon Lights” 1x Platinum (Engineer Vocals)

1. 2011 Emmy “Amazing Race Australia” (ADR Recordist)
2. 2014 Effie Award “4 to 9ers” (Sound Design, ADR Recordist, Mix)
3. 2014 Promax & BDA Global Excellence Awards “Warner Bros Gravity Campaign” (Sound Design, Mix)