Ill mix a song with up to 12 tracks for $49

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Ill mix a song with up to 12 tracks for $49

I would love to mix a song for YOU! I'm a drummer and mix engineer looking to connect with some of the talent here on airgigs. My goal here is to give the working musician a quality mix at an affordable price. If you have a song that is 12 tracks or less, I would be happy to mix it for you for $49! The low price doesn't mean that you'll miss out. I'm still going to give your tracks everything they deserve to sound their best. If your project is bigger than 12 tracks, I'm still able to help you out, just check out one of my other gigs posted here. I'm really looking forward to working for you and making some great music!

*please note that this service is for mixing only and does not include editing.

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