Mix Using Analogue Gear for $120

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Mix Using Analogue Gear for $120

Hi! I'm Alex, a professional, award winning musician, producer and engineer!

For the price I will ix your song/production using analogue gear.

I'll use the best techniques to fully enhance and boost your production, professional CD audio quality available (44.1 Khz - 32 bits, up to 192Khz) and will use only high end professional studio equipment worth more than 200k.

ALL GENRES AND STYLES WELCOME! There are no track limits.

Analogue desks, equalizers and compressors are well known for giving that big, fat and warm tone in the most loved records in the industry, something a lot of digital mixing engineers cannot replicate easily.

I will mix in an SSL 9000J mixing desk using analogue equipment as well as digital technology for getting the best of both worlds.

You get free revisions until you like your product, professional treatment and service guaranteed, we can work together to make the best out of your music/production.

I also can use an Ampex Tape Machine on your song to give it that big, warm tone Tape is known for.

Other equipment available: Pultec, Universal Audio, Neve, Teletronix, Lexicon, Empirical Labs, Ampex.

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