Boutique Analog Mastering for $50

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Boutique Analog Mastering for $50

Working closely with artists to focus and enhance their musical vision is why we get out of bed in the morning. We handle tracks with an obsessive attention to detail, adding clarity, depth and width to bring out the best in every project. Whether your track needs some help or just a little analog mojo we'll do only what is necessary while maintaining the integrity of the mix. Our goal is to make releasing your music into the world as stress free as possible.

Parachute Mastering makes its home in a custom designed room by John H Brandt. This highly accurate listening environment, combined with a precisely calibrated monitoring system, ensures that we can hear exactly what your track needs. Using world class digital and analog tools of the highest quality, we're not done with our job until your tracks have reached their full potential.

Owner and Mastering Engineer, John McLaggan has been an insatiable music nerd his entire life. With many years of touring and a Masters Degree from the New England Conservatory of Music, he approaches his craft from a wide and varied musical background. After working in and out of various studios for years, John opened his own studio in 2012 and began working with independent artists throughout Atlantic Canada. A growing interest in mastering and obsession with sound quality led to the redesigning of his studio and the launch of Parachute Mastering.

Website Quotes:

"John is my new go-to mastering engineer. Super quick turnaround, and amazing attention to detail."

Jon Estes, Engineer (John Paul White, Robyn Hitchcock, Steelism)

‘John gave the material exactly what it needed, as well as adding a sonic quality that I would usually expect from a much bigger studio’

John Smith, Singer Songwriter

"John is a kind spirit with excellent ears! His precise and high-quality mastering took my music to that next level I needed to compete in today's quickly evolving industry."
- Laynah, Singer Songwriter

“Over the last decade, I had slowly been integrating myself with home recording, if only to keep my musical ADD at bay. Once I became more proficient, I began asking myself: 'Why can't I release some of this stuff? My mixes were basic, and I had no idea how to master. John was able to gently walk me through the mixing process, and once it was time, he gave my raw, home recordings a warm mastered glow that really brought my songs to life."

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