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Hello and thanks for checking out my listing. I am a Producer, Engineer, and Composer.
I've released music in #1 Electronic music labels like Anjunadeep
and my music has traveled to more than 81 countries.
Please check out the audio examples to hear where I can take your music in my Studio.

How it Works:
You will send me nonlimited wave files of your songs
I will send you a mastered version back within the deadline we agree upon. (feel free to reach out to me and check my availability if a quick turn around is needed)
You can email any revision notes to me if needed. The first 2 are included with the service, then +$10 each.

This Cheap Rate is for single song mastering.
Mastering a collection of songs adds a lot of time to make them all sound Cohesive together. Please reach out to me for a custom offer if you would like to Master a collection of songs.

I'm open to hearing your music and answering any questions before you purchase the gig so please feel free to send me messages.

Thanks again for taking the time to check my work!

  • House
  • Pop
  • EDM
  • Electronic
  • Trap
  • Latin

Chinosynth - La Gran Ciudad (DELLA Remix)

Remixed, Mixed & Mastered by DELLA
  • Chinosynth - La Gran Ciudad (DELLA Remix)
  • Seybah - Desvelo

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