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Sheryl Crow. Twenty One Pilots. Tyler Childers. Brantley Gilbert. Marty Stuart. Damien Jurado, Nightbirde and more. These are just a few of the Grammy-winning artists I have been blessed to worked with over the past 13 years. I've been a part of hundreds of albums, singles, & demos. I've either produced, mixed, or played on songs that hit radio, ran the Billboard & iTunes charts, and gone on to win awards. This time, I would love to work with YOU!

You've strived to write that perfect song. You've hired musicians or spent countless hours recording and editing. Maybe you've even hired someone to mix it. No matter what road you took to get to this point, mastering is a vital and final step to unifying the sound of a song or record, maintaining consistency across the board, and preparing it for distribution. It's never good to have only one set of ears on a project from beginning to end, as there are sure to be sonic errors and perspectives you've probably missed. I'll master your song or album so it remains true to the vision you had when mixing, but also ensuring your track can compete sonically in a market that is varied, loud, and full of great sounding music.

I have legitimately worked on all major styles of music, but my strengths include (but not limited to) Pop, Rock, Country, Indie, Folk, Singer/Songwriter, and Acoustic based genres. I strive for perfection and will not stop until your song or album is the absolute best it can be. 100% guaranteed. No revision limits here! My job is done when you are completely satisfied. Plain and simple.

I have a solid track record with years of experience and am confident I can deliver exactly what you need. I work WITH my customers to achieve the results they desire. It's 100% about my customers and the music. Everyone should be thrilled with the finished product, and if they're not, I will refund your order no questions asked.

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This is the last essential step before the world hears the music you worked so hard on. Don't ever let a bad mastering job be the reason you missed a great opportunity or discredit your album or production. Let me help you take it to the next level.

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