Mastering Your Music. Super Fast Turnaround for $75

In Mastering 100% Guarantee By Yoav Naveh

Mastering Your Music. Super Fast Turnaround for $75

Give your music the last "boost" and "clarity"! Analog mastering optimized for streaming, vinyl pressing & CD manufacture.

- Money-back guarantee; not satisfied? Get a full refund.
- 2 Revisions Included; guarantees you are 100% happy with the result.
- Alternative Mixes; a-cappella, instrumental, and radio edit included.
- WAV & MP3 Included; 24bit WAV master, 16bit CD master, and 320kbs mp3 master.
- Streaming Master; Optimised for ALL streaming services.
- Super Fast Turnaround; 24 Hours for singles 3 days for EPs, 5 Days for Albums.

I'm Yoav, an audio engineer with 20 years of experience. I will master your songs
using high-end gear, analog summing & plugins. No presets, each song is treated individually and/or in the concept of the album/ep.

*Detailed & Linear EQ
*Linear Compression
*Stereo Imaging
*Volume Maximisation (Limiter)
*High & Low Clarity Punch
*LUFS Measurement

A few things not included in the standard fee. But don't worry, these services can be
provided for an additional cost.

- Stem Mastering; stems are groups of the individual channels, for example, drum group, guitar group, and backing vocals group are all stems. Stem mastering can give me much more control over the end result since I can tweak the song to perfection.

- Mastering For Vinyl; mastering for vinyl pressing is a different type of mastering, it involves a different approach in terms of compression, equalization, and limiting, so it is actually a new mastering job that has extra costs.

DDP Image for CD Duplication; this is a separate file that contains all the songs in the right order, the breaks between the songs, and other information like metadata. Since the streaming revolution, many musicians do not want to manufacture physical CDs and the demand for this file is on the decline, therefore I do not include it so I can keep my prices lower.

*Mastering for radio & online streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, etc.)
*Mastering for CD duplication 
*Mastering for vinyl pressing
*Stem mastering
*DDP image for CDs and vinyl
*Mastering Bundles: Album, EP, Single
*DJ set mastering
*Audio restoration and digitize

The price is for a standard song/track length of up to 5 minutes. For quotes on albums, ep's and DJ sets please contact me.

Mon-Fri: 9:00-17:00 CET

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Indie-Folk Rock
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