Mastering For Streaming, Radio and Clubs for $90

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Mastering For Streaming, Radio and Clubs for $90

I'm Frankie i started to mix and master song in studios in 2003, recently i've made an advanced course with the 5X grammy nominee Luca Pretolesi to improve my skills and bring the knowledge used by top artists to my own workflow

You put a lot of efforts on your music, as a producer and artist myself i know how hard it is to build and release a song, believe it or not a good mastering will make a huge difference, when an A&R listen a song if is not professional he will discard it even if is good, because he have tons of demos where he can choose the good mix from a good melodies and sounds, the same are for listeners.
A good sound is what will touch everyone and even the best song does not hit you if doesn't sound good.

I'm here to help you with this.

I will master your song of any genre with the best digital equipment, processing your song with all the needed step to make it better.

You can listen few of my work on the audio section

If you have particular request or you need more info please send me a message before the order

Slap House Mixed & Mastered

Slap House Mixed & Mastered
  • Slap House Mixed & Mastered
  • Chill EDM Mixed & Mastered
  • HipHop Mixed & Mastered
  • Dance EDM Mixed & Mastered
  • Trap Stem Mastered

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