Pro mastering- dynamic analog & digital with commercial levels for $20

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Pro mastering- dynamic analog & digital with commercial levels for $20

Love it or get a refund!
I have lowered my price by over 50% during the Covid epidemic to help fellow musicians!
Let me make your master into the sound you want to hear! Used on most top albums of the 90's through today. Now using the best limiter re-created code line by code line from the premier hardware unit all top mastering engineers have used over the past 30 year: Weiss DS-1 MRK3 mastering limiter. This unit was $10,000 new and still sells for over $6000 on eBay! Soft tube copied the digital unit, each line of code exactly to re-create the hardware, its not an emulation, a duplicate! The plugin sells for $600 retail!
Analog sound mastering in the box. Get warm, punchy "hot" mixes, properly EQ'd and polished with extensive analog emu's and mastering plugins. Put it up against any other limiter with same exact settings and the Weiss always sounds louder, warmer, puncher, creamer, more "real".
Tuned room and Equator monitors matched to the room response = masters that translate across all listening platforms. I will give you up to 2 revisions as well if you're not satisfied with my initial master. Quick turnaround of 48 hours, usually completed faster.
Please email reference song titles and bands if you want me to emulate a specific sound of an artist/band.

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