Rap Performance for $150

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Rap Performance for $150

I’m Evan T. Lee, and I’m hyped about bringing your song to life! As an artist and songwriter, I pride myself on delivering impeccable cadence, flow, and lyricism. While I primarily focus in hip-hop, I can deliver in any genre. I have received multiple placements with networks including ESPN, Paramount Plus, The CW, and Peacock.

For this service, I will rap and record a pre-written song up to 4 minutes in length with two revisions included. Let me know any ideas and references you have for the song. I’ll record the lead, doubles, ad libs, and anything else needed to elevate the song. Let’s get to work!

To get started, please send me the track, demo w/ lead any/all ideas you have! Let me know if you have any questions.

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