Music Songwriting for $100

In Rap Artists 100% Guarantee By Hard Monei

Music Songwriting for $100

I'm here to help you which whatever you need. With my expertise I guarantee you a song that you would love. They say two minds is better than one. But when you have someone. And I agree with that.
I will put together the best lyrics to an instrumental that you already have. Getting ideas for the buyer every step of the way. Recording on sonar Studio One 5. On a blue microphone to guarantee a clear sound.

  • Trap
  • Americana
  • Hip Hop
  • Dubstep
  • House

HardMonei- Autopilot

A song about spending a couple $1,000. On the designated driver.
  • HardMonei- Autopilot
  • HardMonei- Heart Rate

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