delta for $10

In Rap Artists 100% Guarantee By Priyvratt Singh

delta for $10

hey there!!
I am Priyvratt Singh from India
I am a lyricist
I am a rapper
I am a songwriter
I am music producer.

I assure you that I will give my best to your project and make it a successful one.

check a sample here

all friends on
wee are all bro zoned
got bit rude tone
cuz we stay all alone
and a glass filled sine qanon
got a call on my phone
that sick ringtone
my girl said its been so long
i remember her yesterday with a new clown
for that new clown
she is ditchin on me
bitchin on me
in the class she goes snitchin on me
hitching on me when i call his name
shw says now iits all blame game
she stays cuz i got a big name
and i got some fame
now she is burning in flame

of destiny
no intrest on me
juust impressed of me
not obssesd of me
she just want her on my story
nothing form me
baby just drink for me.......

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you know me

it is a sample of my work
  • you know me

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