High Quality Rap, Bars, Metaphors, Wordplay for $99

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High Quality Rap, Bars, Metaphors, Wordplay for $99

If you want to be known as a Hip-Hop/Rap Artist that truly loves Hip-Hop but aspires to be grow and evolve, I'm the Writer for you. My verses are the perfect combination of grit, intelligence, wordplay, and unique cadences. One bar might touch on how I'm outworking any other Rapper in the game, and the next line might touch on investing my cash into Startups and Equity Agreements. I'll cover the whole spectrum for you and help you reach a massive audience. I've performed at SXSW, recorded over 200 songs personally, and produced over 200 verses for other Rappers.

1 Verse = $99 ; I'll rework with you 3 times and I'll record it for you 3 different ways to give you a flavor on how to best approach the verse depending on the beat.

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