Clean Inspirational Rap Verses and Songwriting for $200

In Rap Artists 100% Guarantee By itsthewiz

Clean Inspirational Rap Verses and Songwriting for $200

Let me help bring your song to life!! I offer rap verses at a very competitive rate. With my verses, I'll bring your song to another dimension that will enhance the overall vision you're going for.

I specialize in Gospel Rap. As a born again Christian, I use my voice and talent to bring glory to God. However, I also do rap non-Gospel songs as well (just no explicit themes/language)

I also am a talented songwriter/ghostwriter and can help bring about ideas and write complete melodies/hooks and verses for you.

My resume
-10 years experience in songwriting and rapping
-3 projects released commercially (all written by me)
-#2 charting single on the National Digital Radio Charts (2018)
-Wrote music and melodies for multiple independent artists

What you can expect

  • Hip Hop
  • Gospel
  • R&B
  • Rap


Top charting rap single
  • Direction
  • New Thing
  • Free

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