Full Rap Song for $1500

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Full Rap Song for $1500

For producers looking to get there beats heard. Gig includes 2 12 bar verses and a chorus arranged in full song format.
I will RAP two 12 bar verses and chorus on any song where female rap vocals are needed. Anything from club bangers to trap tracks, on to edm and dubstep. I have a very adaptable style and can just about rap to any track. I will offer 10 revisions to bring forth your vision of the track. The verse will have main vocal and fill ins in wav format. The session will be in aaf format so it is fully editable in other DAW's This price is for non exclusive rights. If you need exclusive rights the price will be more as well as a small backend royalty. I do not do overly sexual songs degrading women so if that's what you're working on do not purchase this gig.

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