Mediterranean and Latin percussion for $80

In Percussion By Michele Maione

Mediterranean and Latin percussion for $80

My name is Michele Maione. I am an Italian professional percussionist.
For $ 60 I offer a recording of percussion up to 8 stems.
The instruments that I can record are: frame drums (tar, daf, bodhran, bendhir, kanjira, pandeiro, riq etc ..), darbouka, djembe, congas, bongos, timbales, cajon, glockenspiel, and other numerous accessories such as shakers, cowbeels, caxixi, udu drum, bar chimes and others.
I work in my acoustically treated home studio. I use a Motu 624 audio interface and a series of professional microphones suitable for shooting percussion at best. As DAW I mainly use Ableton Live and also Logic.
I can either reproduce the percussions present in a possible pre-production or work creatively on the song according to the artist's requests. Once registered I give all the separate stems without effects and eq. In addition I can also give a left and right of all the percussions mixed by me if you need my idea of the whole.
I mainly deal with world music, pop music and jazz doing concerts around the world.
I have collaborated with artists such as Massimo Ranieri, Gigi D 'Alessio, Andrea Sannino, Mbarka Ben Taleb, Lina Sastri, FLO, Carlo Faiello, Daniele Sepe, Marcello Colasurdo and many others.
I published the didactic video “TAMMURRIANTI, the first method in the world for tammorra and tamburello (traditional Italian frame drums). I hold workshops and seminars on frame drums around Italy.

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Tarantella scevra

Original song of my composition and my realization
  • Tarantella scevra
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