Percussion and Drum record session for $100

In Percussion 100% Guarantee By Emilio Martins

Percussion and Drum record session for $100

Hi, my name is Emilio Martins , I am from São Paulo , Brazil.
Do you need any percussion or drum for your project?
I will send to you a multitrack of percussion to one song of your project recorded at my studio on logic pro, Apogee interface , mics Shures and AKGs , as a organic way.
I am specialized in playing acustic percussion instruments like, congas, pandeiro, sheikers, repiniques, cajon , drumset and many others.
I am of course also open to work on special request. You are welcome to send me a message and I will be happy to give you the best service.

In my career I have worked with renowned artists such as Guinga, David Liebman, Luis Melodia, Dom Salvador, Badi Assad, Fafá de Belém, Luiza Possi, Lecí Brandão, Daúde, Paulo Moura , Orquestra Jazz Sinfônica of São Paulo, Vinicius Dorin and many others , now i wanna to contribute with your project!

If you have question , please contact me
Have a nice day

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