Im going to record acoustic drums for your song for $35

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Im going to record acoustic drums for your song for $35

Hello! I'm Cristian from Milan and welcome to my profile!
I am a professional drummer with over 18 years of experience playing music with various artists, recording albums and touring. I graduated in music theory and drums from Trinity College London and playing continuously in many different bands: classical orchestras, hard rock bands, progressive rock bands, pop, funk, soul, jazz, fusion and many other genres. my qualities are a nice natural sound and a great groove.
Whatever the needs of your song, whether you are looking for a groove or adding some live variation, I will record the best drum beat for your song.

I will send you 12 multi-track and HQ audio files from my professional recording studio in Milan.


6 high-end drum kits of different sizes
+ 10 snare drum choices
+30 UFIP plates (2 setups)
16 state-of-the-art preamp inputs
High-end microphones AKG / Shure / Sennheiser / Neumann / Ocktava / Rode

  • Funk
  • Hard Rock
  • Pop
  • Pop-Rock
  • Prog rock
  • Rock

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