Percussion Tracking plus Overdubs For Rock, Light Jazz, Pop, Funk, Blues & World Grooves for $95

In Percussion 100% Guarantee By Jamie Papish

Percussion Tracking plus Overdubs For Rock, Light Jazz, Pop, Funk, Blues & World Grooves for $95

Let me add my special magic to your tracks whether it be a straight Rock, Jazz or Pop Groove or you want some World Groove flavor.
I use Pro Tools 2021 3.0 with Universal Audio's Apollo Twin Interface.
I own the following Mic's
Pair of AKG C414 condensers
Pair of Rode NT5 condensers
2 SM 57's
1 SM 58
1 Sure Beta 91A

I have been a professional recording artist playing multiple percussion instruments for the past 17 years.
Credits include:
Video game composer Jack Wall's "Farid" and "Mason Enters Yemenite Flight" on his recording Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Krono's Quartet's "Ya Habibi Taala" and "Nihavent Sirto" on their Album Floodplain
Yuval Ron Ensemble's release's Under the Olive Tree, Tree of Life, Seeker of Truth & Unity of the Heart
Yuval Ron's "West Bank Story"
Peter Kfoury's releases "At the Heart of Two Worlds" and "Breaking All the Rules"
Chloe Pourmorady release "Begin Majesty"
Donna DeLory's "Sanctuary Remix" and "Praying for Love"
Akyanna's "Be The Light"
My process
1) You send me a MP3 of the track with some instructions as to what you may be looking for or that you will leave the ideas to me. 2) I give the track a listen a number of times until I get some ideas.
2) I start playing along with them music until I find the right percussion instrument to do a base groove track (assuming it needs groove vs. just ambient percussion)
3) I record 1-2 percussion tracks. Typically this will be with drums that have both low and high frequency tones ie. Cajon, Doumbek aka Darbuka, Djembe, Bongo, Conga, Udu, Frame Drum
4) I record a second percussion that covers more of the high frequencies ie. Shakers, Bells, High Hat, Triangle, Wood Block, Clave, Cymbal, Chimes, Snare, Tambourine)
5) I will send you these tracks in a .wav format for your review
6) You either accept the tracks or have revisions
7) For revisions, please give me specifics as to what you want to change
8) I send the revised tracks back to you, you either accept or have one more revision.
9) if you want additional overdubs, I charge $45 per track with one revision

* i will record with no effects or plug-ins thus leaving all the mixing up to you. I will provide a clean track with no clicks or pops starting when the groove begins thru to when the groove ends (possibly a roll or ritard at the end if it fits)

  • Latin
  • R&B
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • World
  • Pop-Rock
  • Blues
  • Jazz
  • Jazz
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Funk
  • Funk


From The Yuval Ron Ensemble's Album Unity of the Heart. I played all the percussion parts
  • Imagine
  • Funky Dearborn
  • Hadassa
  • Summertime
  • Camel Walk

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