Pro Bluegrass Banjo - All Styles for $55

In Folk Instruments 100% Guarantee By Ricky Mier

Pro Bluegrass Banjo - All Styles for $55

Hello Airgigs,

My name is Ricky Mier and I am a banjo player, an alumni of Berklee College of Music, and currently playing around New England in various bluegrass bands and working on my art full time. I can play in all styles but am very familiar with bluegrass, folk, rock, Celtic, pop, country, improv etc.

I have completed over 40 recordings out of my home studio and have recorded in studios around New England such as Q Division, Well Spring, Dimension Sound, and collaborated with producers from Berklee and Signature Sounds.

I've got good gear and am confident in my sound.

For a limited time only, I am making a special offer whereby your first song is $28. After that, I will charge $55 for each song. This price includes two revisions upon request. If you have not worked with me before, please use my other service "SPECIAL OFFER - BANJO - FIRST SONG ".

Robin Smith Custom - Prewar Gibson Mastertone Style 75 with Maple Rim
Robin Smith Custom -Prewar Gibson Mastertone Style 75 with Mahogany Rim
Protools 12
Windows 7
Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 (includes a great preamp)
A Matched pair of Kel HM-1 small diaphragm condenser mics

I like to keep an open dialogue in order to give you exactly what you need. Be as specific as you can so I can deliver the best results to you. I have a great technical command of the banjo, allowing me to play simple or busy, while always locking in with the groove. Just listen to my Soundcloud and satisfied customers!

***Please send a chord chart as that tends to save me ~30 minutes of time. If that can't be done, I can write out a chord chart for you at a rate of $5/chord. ***

***Songs over 5 minutes are $5/ 30 seconds***

Thanks for reading!


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