I will record Pan Flute, Pan pipe for your project for $120

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I will record Pan Flute, Pan pipe for your project for $120

Hi, my name is Carlos Carty, peruvian composer and studio musician for ethnic wind Instruments. When I started my musical career focusing on Andean music. I has performed and worked with some of the most highly regarded performers in the World music including Adriana Mezzadri, Roberto Leal, Toquinho, Blair Brothers, and many others.

This gig includes 1-2 takes of a single Pan Flute or Pan Pipe for the songs with standard length of 3-4 minutes. If the song is longer than that please PM for custom offer.

My instruments

Pan Flute (Nai) range: 3 octaves G to G3, Key: G, Lowest Note G, Reference style : Zamfir. Material: bamboo

Pan Pipes (Andes) All ranges, bass, tenor, soprano, Chromatic, Material: bamboo

Your tracks will be recorded with a AKG 414 XLII microphone and a Universal Audio Apollo Twin.

It often improves the result if I can make suggestions for co-composing melodic lines. Your music in MP3-File is a sufficient base for my overdubs. The best way to send the pilot track is to send me two WAV-files: playback without melody and melody (MIDI-instrument) ; you can also tell me the speed in bpm.

  • Latin
  • Folk

My Pan Flute example 1

Romantic Style
  • My Pan Flute example 1
  • My Pan Flute example 2
  • My Pan Pipe example 1
  • My Pan Pipes example 2
  • My Pan Pipe example 3

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