Expressive Didgeridoo for Your Tracks for $200

In Folk Instruments In Woodwinds By Pamela Mortensen

Expressive Didgeridoo for Your Tracks for $200

I am an award winning musician and composer who specializes in Middle Eastern bellydance and Sufi rhythms, mid-tempo chillout beats and meditative styles but I am also experienced and flexible in playing other rhythmic styles including but not limited to rock and roll, pop, funk, hiphop. I can also bring a more ethereal or grounding feel to your track for meditative projects if needed.

What you get:
• Your choice of what kind of sound and/or rhythms you want for your project.
• 19 years of performance and recording experience with didgeridoo
• A track recorded with either Shure Beta 91A or Rode M3 depending on your project needs.
• Professional grade didgeridoos in all keys
• A dry 16, 26 or 32-bit WAV file (your choice) so you can add your own effects etc.
• 24-hour turnaround time but contact me first to make sure I’m not booked out already.

I can also add shakers, rattles, clapsticks or other small hand percussion for additional cost. Please contact me about that as well. I have a simple but powerful audio gear setup for a fast turnaround so you can get your project done on time. I’ve just started working with other artists for their projects and have had positive experiences so I would like to do more. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I’m happy to answer them.

  • Ambient
  • World
  • Electronic
  • Pop-Rock

Dirt and Bone

Mid tempo rock w Middle Eastern influences
  • Dirt and Bone
  • Shimmy
  • Remember

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