Bandoneon track for your music project for $90

In Folk Instruments In Bandoneon 100% Guarantee By Rodrigo Avalos

Bandoneon track for your music project for $90

For this gig I will be working as your personal session musician to provide a professional quality bandoneon track for your project.

I hold a Bachelor of Music degree in tango with 15+ years of experience playing. I’m just as comfortable reading sheet music as I am improvising.

I did two tours of European countries playing tango.

I conduct a tango orchestra and we play my own compositions (I've attached an audio).

I’m just as comfortable performing jazz as I am with tango, pop, rock, classical music, among others.

Instrument: Bandoneon Alfred Arnold (AA) tune A4=442Hz.

Microphones: I use AKG c519 specially for bandoneon. I can use two Shure sm57 as well. And I use condensers XY Stereo for the ambient.

Please contact me before booking a gig!

  • Ambient
  • Classical
  • Latin
  • Jazz
  • Trap
  • Pop

A medianoche

Piece for bandoneon solo
  • A medianoche
  • Piazzolla
  • Jacob Collier

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