Pro Pedal Steel, Banjo, Dobro, Guitar, Bass, and Lap Steel for $100

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Pro Pedal Steel, Banjo, Dobro, Guitar, Bass, and Lap Steel for $100

I offer professional pedal steel, banjo, guitar, dobro, bass, and lap steel overdubs for your song of any genre recorded with expert attention to your arrangement and production. As a session player, I have recorded parts for multi-platinum and grammy nominated songwriters, producers and arrangers. I thoroughly dig playing typical styles and can do so with a deft hand, and I love developing lustrous melodies with subtleties and nuance, catchy hooks, or lush beds of harmony for jazz, country, americana, indie rock, folk, rap, noise, pop and more. If you are looking for someone to experiment with new sounds, check out my reel! I love turning these instruments upside down.

I have worked on songs produced or written by:
Thomas Bartlett (Taylor Swift, Norah Jones, Sufjan Stevens, Florence & the Machine)
Jeffery David (Echosmith, Goo Goo Dolls, For King and Country)
Daniel Majic (Flo Rida, One Republic, Kevin Gates, Filmore)
Rich Veltrop (Tom Petty, Taj Mahal, Rage Against the Machine, Macy Gray)
Alasdair Roberts (David Byrne, Bonnie Prince Billie, Songs: Ohia)
Scotty Wilbanks (Luke Bryan, Third Day)
Jon Gilbert (Mt Joy, The Kills, Pete Yorn)
Peter Broderick (arr. for She&Him, Sharon Van Etten, Gill Landry)
D James Goodwin (Bonny Light Horseman, Kevin Morby, Bob Weir)
Jonathan Wymann (Pretty Reckless, King Kyote)
Ben Charles (Disney, Universal)

Typical recording chain:

Pedal Steel: 1982 Emmons SD 10 E9
Banjo: GoldTone OB250
Steel Amps: Peavy Session 400, Ampeg VT-40, Roland JC40
Mics: Royer 121 (ribbon), Rode NT5 (condenser matched pair), Sure SM7 and SM57
Preamps: Neve 511, Universal Audio 4710d
Interface: Apollo Twin > PT12

"McKay possesses in spades all my favorite qualities in a musician and collaborator: technical prowess, impeccable instincts, a willingness to approach arrangements from various angles, a generous spirit... His playing is expressive yet full of nuance and restraint; he gave such evocative and ethereal new layers to my music." -(B. Kupstas Field Guides)

  • Americana
  • Country
  • Folk
  • Pop
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Rock

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