Artist Logo & Typeface Design for $100

In Design In Album Artwork By Dan Schaefer

Artist Logo & Typeface Design for $100

Tired of hearing your logo looks like that of someone else?

I'm happy to develop an original design for you, one that reflects YOU as an artist and one that stands out!

Having worked internationally on many music related graphic projects including record covers, typefaces, social media banners, etc., I bring design skills, strategic trend analysis, and a keen understanding for colors and shapes together, all in order to work out a cool customized solution for you as an artist.

We're going to make this big shift happen, the one you struggle to do on your own, the one from "looks like XYZ" to "looks like YOU and, in fact, so much cooler than XYZ."

*brand analysis included
*consultation on current trends included
*consultation on brand usage included

  • Pop
  • EDM
  • Country
  • Punk
  • Techno
  • Rock

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