Ready to Print Merch Design for $100

In Design In Album Artwork By Dan Schaefer

Ready to Print Merch Design for $100

Unsure whether your artist name looks good on a shirt?

I'm happy to apply all of my graphic design skills to not only show you, how to make it work, but develop a solution that allows you and your friends to go out there with confidence, knowing that it looks authentic and on point.

Think of it this way: if your fans love your merch, they're happy to wear it in public, exclusive locations, are proud to take pictures with your gear, tag you, and consequently carry your brand into the world.

Having designed a lot of logos, typefaces, and merch I can deliver a custom solution that suits YOU and YOUR brand. Whatever the format is, whatever the fabric, you're exclusively getting a file in just the right format to hand over to any printing company, so they can get to work!

*review of current merch/logo included
*consultation on typeface and color grading included
*consultation on recommended merch type included

  • Pop
  • Christian
  • Rap
  • EDM
  • Punk
  • Country

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