Full Professional Music Production Pack for $400

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Full Professional Music Production Pack for $400

I will fully compose, produce, mix, and master a fresh, top tier quality instrumental for your next single or album/EP track tailored to your specific liking. Ableton Live Suite and professional plugins such as Komplete 12 Ultimate, Serum, Nectar 2, Melodyne, Ozone, Fab filter mixing/mastering bundle, Decapitator, and more shall be used to get your track to a commercial and innovative level. My studio gear that will guarantee a sonically aesthetic quality for your artist brand includes a novation launch keyboard midi controller, Ibanez hollow-body electric guitar, pro-mixing Audio Technica headphones, an audio interface, and studio mixing monitor speakers to achieve the perspective for mixing purposes.

There is not a specific limit on how many tracks are included in this service but I will ensure that intuition will be used to convey the vibe and mood you desire for the song. If you have vocal takes (stems) that you would like to be added to the track, you can send them dry (with no effects) in WAV format. This is to preserve the best studio quality as possible for processing. In the case that your vocal stems will be included, I will get the fresh clarity to commercial level with Pro-Eqing, Reverb, Compression (if needed), ear candy effects, panning, stereo imaging, and de-sibilance accordingly. If you would like any formant shifting or distortion for any parts of the vocals, I have Soundtoys' Little Alterboy for that. My vocal slicing/chops skills are also satisfactory. Also, pitch correction using Melodyne for a fully natural sound or autotune can be included if needed. A total maximum of 8 revisions can be made and I promise nothing less than going above and beyond in achieving your vision!

I am also an independent artist of many electronic genres who has put countless original recordings/songs and albums out for many years both under 'Tisna' and under my former Alias. With over 11 years of compositional music production experience, mixing & mastering experience, musicianship, satisfactory freelancing gigs, as well as a degree in Audio Engineering, I can guarantee you the ideal product. Instruments I play include piano/keys, guitar, percussion, vocals, sampler, and cello. I can consistently produce/compose new ideas and am able to do a wide variety of musical genres including but not limited to R&B, Pop, House, Dubstep, Electro House, Riddim, Synth-Wave, Future Bass, Future House, Deep House, Soundtrack, Funk, Trap, Hybrid, and Hip Hop.

  • EDM
  • Pop
  • Dubstep
  • House
  • Hip Hop
  • Electronic

Lost for You (feat. Tisna)

Collaboration track with Chinese artist Ann-E1. Lyrics written by J.Lyn.
  • Lost for You (feat. Tisna)
  • River (feat. J.Lyn)
  • Sunshine in the Rain (VIP)
  • Plur State
  • Even If (feat. J.Lyn)
  • Disruption
  • Codename Dissonance

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