Country Music Production for $350

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Country Music Production for $350

Note: I am just getting started here on airgigs, so have no reviews yet - I have been producing for years on Fiver, with over 100 5 star reviews!

About my Services:

Is this you: You have a rough demo, maybe you and guitar singing into your phone or Garage Band. Or maybe you have limited instrumental skills and just want someone to flesh out your tracks. Or maybe you just need to expand your demo tracks before you send it to the A&R folks.

Then I am your guy. I work with lots of clients, taking their basic ideas, and giving them life. I will add all the necessary instruments and mix them to make your ideas come to life. I have been playing music for 40 years, primarily guitar, as well as bass, dobro, banjo, lap steel, pedal steel, mandolin, keyboards and harmonica. I can sequence authentic sounding drums. I have been producing for over 20 years. I also arrange music, and have what it takes to bring your song dreams into reality, giving your song feeling and personality.

My clients are always satisfied, as I give them MORE than they are expecting - and I can give your song a life and personality.

I can also write a song from your lyrics, and while not a "pro country singer" can definitely sing good enough for someone else to add final vocals.

Additional services include: hiring / working with a live drummer (additional fee), pitch/timing correction of vocals. I will also add in your vocals once the song is produced for no extra charge. I will provide a mastered stereo .wav file, or complete track stems if desired.

Styles I can manage:
"Bro" Country
Country Rock
Texas / Red Dirt Country
Neo-Classic Country
Pop Country
Urban / Rap Country
Bluegrass Country

Bar I Used to Call Home

Bro Country
  • Bar I Used to Call Home
  • Lucy Bell
  • Tequila Kisses
  • Where's the Sunshine
  • Time Marches On
  • Lucky

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