YOUR Sound for $1500

In Song Production By Chris Gill

YOUR Sound for $1500

As artists adrift in a sea of music, it's easy for our unique sound to be swept away by the winds of imitation and the tides of conformity. My goal as a producer is to find and amplify the things that identify you as an original creator of music, and to use those traits to tailor a production to you that is as unique as you are.

My client list spans 20+ years in practically every genre and I work in each with the mindset that music is a universal expression of emotion, with each genre as capable as the next at that expression. Let's create.

Todd Alo - Dr. Know

  • Todd Alo - Dr. Know
  • Tristan Bushman - Long Gone
  • LUTHI - Can't Stop This Now
  • Local Opener - I Hope All My Friends Live Forever

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